How are holographic stickers made?

If you’re considering holographic stickers or are inquisitive to learn more about them, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to demonstrate how they are manufactured and how you can design amazing holographic stickers.

To begin with, what is a holographic sticker?

The term ‘Holographic’ basically means your design is printed on an iridescent effect vinyl, delivering an eye-catching spectrum outcome to your design.

How are holographic stickers made?

Holographic sticker printing is done almost using the same technique and on the same machine as other stickers printing. Ink is printed onto vinyl, then an apparent laminate is used over the printed layer. These shield the sticker, turning it into long-lasting, waterproof and resistant against color fading in the sun.

But Holographic stickers are special.

We can easily take advantage of the iridescent effect of the vinyl to produce some extraordinary stickers. We perform this by printing different colours over the holographic vinyl.

In case you don’t really want the holographic effect to be shown in regions of your sticker, white ink could be imprinted behind the colour.

How’s holographic vinyl made?

Holographic vinyl begins its life as being a metalized polyester film (a very thin layer of metal is used to slim polyester film). This metallic film is going to put into practice a set of rollers with a textured surface. This technique is known as embossing. This embossing is so slim (around 10 microns, about 1/5th of human hair) that it can’t be recognized by touch. The modifying of the top surface causes the light to diffract at first glance of the metalized vinyl, causing us to determine an iridescent effect. This embossing process can be achieved using a number of various patterns giving us various effects, such as holographic (rainbow chrome) stickers and glitter stickers.

How are security hologram stickers made?

These stickers are manufactured working with a metalized film. This is usually a thin layer of obvious plastic, usually polyester, with an ultra-thin layer of metal put on it. These components operate by way of a set of embossing rollers to add your design. It can certainly be completed with a laser. This embossing, or etching, shows your design when light hits the surface & diffraction of the light occurs.

These stickers do incredible work, yet, to get custom security stickers made isn’t an inexpensive process. Embossing rollers need to be created using your design etched onto it. Understandably, this is not a cheap or speedy process and is only financially feasible for large quantities of stickers.

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